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Installing this plugin is easy, all you need to do is put the gocardless-gateway-plugin-install.php file in your Clientexec base root directory then visit it in a browser. You will need to log in with your Super Admin credentials.

Note: Make sure you backup your database beforehand.

Note: The whole plugin needs the fopen, file_get_contents PHP functions to be activated, it also needs the zip extension activated as well. It also needs the latest ionCube Loader.

The install script will:

* Retrieve the files & copy all files to the correct directories;

* Create the required database tables (if new install);

* Change all user's payment gateway to the new plugin, if they were using the old plugin;

* Check for my old plugin and update the database tables (if upgrade install);

* Delete the old plugin files and database settings (if exists);

* Activate the new plugin automatically, including adding the database settings;

Pre-Install Instructions

Important Make sure your root/config.php has

define('NE_CONTROLLER_ADMIN_DIR', '/admin');
* Note: /admin is the default admin directory, yours could be different

You will now need to set up GoCardless.

Login to GoCardless and head to and "Create access token":

Name: You choose<br>
Tick <b>Read-write access</b>

Make a note of the newly created Access Token - you will not be able to see this token again.

Then go to and "Create webhook end point":

Name: You choose
Secret: Leave blank
Leave "Webhook client certificate" unchecked
Note: is replaced with your website URL where Clientexec is accessed

After you created it, you will need go to, click the newly created endpoint, and make a note of the long Secret characters.

You will need these two pieces of information for the gocardless-gateway-plugin-install.php installation

Post-Install Instructions

You need to supply your API details during the install script, but please double-check if they're correct afterwards, log into Clientexec, and go to Settings -> Payment Processors and choose "GoCardless Pro (Basic)", most of the options are self explanatory, but the following is needed to be set:

Plugin Active - Yes;
Production API Token - Has to be set - you need to supply this when installing, see Pre-Install Instructions;
Production Secret ID - Has to be set - you need to supply this when installing, see Pre-Install Instructions.

If you get stuck, please open a ticket or visit our Discord server.

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